30 April 2006

Family 10: The Jenkins

The Jenkins family are;

Moira Jenkins: Fortune/Business Tycoon/(2/8/2/6/7)/Libra/CAS Elder

James Jenkins: Romance/20 Simultaneous Loves/(4/4/4/7/6)/Libra/CAS Elder

Moira Jenkins was left with the responsiblity of bringing up her grandson. The Fellowship was chosen by Moira as the best place to do this - there would be plenty of people around for her grandson to be friends with. This didn't stop her making friends of her own though.

Myshuno in the park was a popular activity among Fellowshipians - and Moira met up with the others around three times a week to play.

James, however, prefered a different sort of meeting. He soon hit it off with Donatella Roma - the literal girl-next-door. He managed to have his first kiss with her and everything. But she wanted him to start a relationship - not a chance. Instead he headed off to explore the neighbourhood.

An opportunity too tempting to resist caught his eye - soap in the fountain may not have been the most mature thing to do - but it was funny.

He even got chatting to one of the workers at the little clothes shop who came to have a look.

Of course he didn't have anything interesting to talk about - but school was always a safe bet. Moira had been getting at James to start taking his studies more seriously. She was worried he wouldn't want to go to college and instead prefer to mess around with his friends from school.

James assured his grandmother he would go to college - after all where better to meet hot girls and cheerleaders? She said that, although his reasons weren't the best, the fact he had it in his plan made her happier.

James noticed other changes in his Grandmother too - although she was pretty successful in her job - she had pretty much reached as far as she was going to. There wasn't much call for old bank robbers. Money around the house was stilll too tight though... so James got a job. He quickly worked his way up to gas station attendant. The money wasn't great but he was just glad to be helping.

Although he and his friends from work did like getting together and messing around.

Also this week...

Not a lot actually. This family was a really nice change. Although James' LTW makes me a little paranoid - I don't like Romance Sims much.

Points this week: Sims - 2/Other - 0

Family Networth: $15,582


At 4:48 PM, Blogger ASimWen said...

Yeah...I don't like Jame's want LTW. Don't know if I'm gonna let him keep it. We'll see.

At 1:20 AM, Blogger QueenofSimtopia said...

James lifetime want is not as bad as the woohoo with 20 different sims! You have to get them to friend, crush, best friend, love, and baby making stages!! My one sim Cherry will most likely send me to an early grave!!

At 6:14 PM, Blogger Bubbs said...

I love the update! Don't listen to Wen and her romance sim hate! :)


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