29 April 2006

Prosperity Challenge - Week 1

My playing order for the families is as follows;

1) Profitt
2) Rosada
3) Potts
4) Busto
*uni* no uni this round
5) Yessam
6) Roma
7) Corcoran
8) Schurzenjager
9) Norwood
*uni* no uni this round
10) Jenkins
11) Kirkendall
12) Upton
13) Cooprider
*uni* no uni this round

Round one scores

Each family has an individual update just click on the link. Looking through my photo file I have very few photos for each family - I forget to take them unless anything interesting happens - most of the ones I do have aren't exactly works of art. There will, however, hopefully be an improvement in the next weeks photos.

Also next week I tackle uni with all the CAS Teens


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