06 July 2007

Hey everyone. In contrast to my legacy blog this one is pretty much up to date. The hood itself has been pretty much abandoned... I couldn't really deal with the huge number of families.

I have just started a new prosperity though and I'm going to blog it properly so go check that out instead...

05 May 2006

Family 3: The Potts

After the quads had successfully completed their first day of private school it was time for big brother Ryan to celebrate his birthday. He wasn't massively impressed when the only guests at his party were a bunch of kids though.

Meet John, Paul, George and Ringo Potts... on their way to school the next day. Ryan was following but he wasn't sure how long he could put up with going to the same school as the little monsters.

When all four of them came home that afternoon shouting about their grades he decided the answer was somewhere between another second and another hour.

Strictly speaking he wasn't old enough to go to college but he had a bright idea and managed to gain admission to the Académie anyway. Sometimes going to private school does have it's advantages.

His little sisters and brothers were sad to see him go - after all who would make them grilled cheese sandwiches in an afternoon now?

However they all figured out that pretty soon they would be old enough to manage by themselves - it was once again birthday time in the Potts household. Look at all the cake...

The quads grew up to be a bunch of moody teenagers. (left to right: Lydia, Lilly, Logan, Luke)

Lilly: Romance/Celebrity Chef

Logan: Romance/Hall of Famer

Luke: Popularity/Mayor

Lydia: Family/Marry of 6 Children

They recieved a rather odd visit from some people at the local university - looking at the 'future prospects'. The visit made Alexandria panic even more about what her eldest had let himself in for.

It was soon forgotten about though as career changes were afoot. Timothy managed to make it into Pleastview's Hall of Fame. That wasn't big enough for him though - he wanted to be Captain Hero and set about finding himself a new job.

Alexandria was working as hard as her fiancé...

Lilly and her friend Michael Profitt thought that maybe she was working a little too hard.

Alexandria decided to treat her daughters to a little shopping trip with all the extra money coming in to the house. Luke and Logan were offered the opportunity to come but flat out refused. While they were shopping they found out why pregnant women shouldn't drink coffee - ensuring new gossip for the neighbourhood for years to come. The nanny story was getting a little old.

Of course Alexandria couldn't leave out the boys when buying clothes. The result;

Logan, meanwhile, was turning into quite the painter. The number of paintings lining the wall increased rapidly.

Timothy argued that the outside of the house needed sprucing up to match the inside. He said he knew a guy and sure enough the work was done.

Also this week...

Timothy is still looking for a law enforcement job

Alexandria has been promoted as far as resident

Having four teens is almost as bad as having four toddlers

Points this week: 1(top of career)

Family Networth: $36,611 (+$4238)

Family 2: The Rosadas

Aquamarine and Amethyst had never been happier than they were when it was the time for the triplets' birthdays.

Finally all three were old enough to look after themselves. Which as far as the two oldest Rosadas were concerned meant only one thing - time for university.

Amethyst and Aquamarine both rang as soon as possible to ensure they would make it into the current year's intake. Both were accepted immediately, as well as acceptance both were given $2,500 in scholarships due to their excellent grades and their unfortunate home situation.

Ariana: Fortune/Hall of Famer

Brigid: Fortune/Business Tycoon

Danielle: Pleasure/Celebrity Chef

When the left the house they also left the triplets' surprise birthday cake... it was a surprise, but not in the intended way.

With Amethyst gone the house had lost its only source of income had vanished. None of the girls particularly wanted to get a job but an alternative was needed and fast.

The first thing they tried was painting. While Brigid's work showed promise none of the paintings sold for much and the less said about Ariana and Danielle's works the better.

One night Ariana, ever the entrepreneur, decided to host a small poker tournament. The house of course would keep a cut - and it would be a great way to meet the neighbours at the same time.

None of the sisters could quite believe it when their little poker tournament earned them $500 in one night. After that it was bound to become a regular thing.

However the next tournament caught the eye of the local police - not exactly what Ariana had hoped for. A knight in shining armour came to her rescue though in the form of Michael Profitt. He explained the situation and miraculously the policeman left. Ariana had developed a little crush on her neighbour by the end of his speech though.

The money made from the tournament was put to good use immediately. All the girls went to the local salons for makeovers and a haircut. They were very pleased with the results...

Brigid and Ariana (still continuing with the painting)

and Danielle...

The next tournament was set to spruce up their rooms - provided that Aquamarine and Amethyst didn't spoil their fun first. After all they weren't sleeping in the beds so selling them wasn't that bad a thing right?

Also this week...

Not a lot actually - all three teens are on A+ grades gradually building skills (maybe for scholarships - I can't remeber how far they've got)

Points this round: None

Family networth: $19,476 (+7886)

03 May 2006

Family 1: The Profitts

Last time we saw the Profitts they were just settling in to their new life in the Fellowship. Finally it was beginning to feel like home. The Profitt's first big change since arriving happened - little Craig wasn't so little anymore. He was now a teenager - with all the dreaded implications that had on the family.

Craig Profitt - Knowledge/Criminal Mastermind

Bob was slowly climbing up the career ladder towards his dream of being one of the fellowship's brightest sports stars - soon he had made it as far as MVP. Something which had taken an uncharacteristic amount of work from Bob.

Bob should have known better than to expect a quiet workout - that is without Celeste Cooprider to complain about one of the boys using the telescope in an 'inappropriate' manner (not that Bob saw what was inappropriate - she was worth spying on) or a nice kitchen fire...

On top of all that something odd had happened to Craig - Susan assured her son it was just a phase. Bob didn't think that a phase was any reason to walk around looking silly.

Charles was a little harsh on his younger brother though - constantly giving him noogies...

... and then calling him an emo. Whatever that was - Bob wished that his kids could learn English. Apparently, well according to Charles at least, Craig's crying proved that he was an emo.

Bob knew that he was getting a lot older when it was time for Michael to start high school.

Michael Profitt Popularity/Hall of Famer

Life continued as normal - Bob chatted up anyone and everyone who passed by his house. Three teenagers in the house meant that no one ever got to use the bathroom. Sandra quit her military job for the more sedate job as a school crossing guard.

Bob was about to get a bit of a surprise though - Corky rang up and said she had a surprise for him... He was expecting WooHoo. Turns out she was also expecting in a completely different way. Bob had to test that it was real...

Susan and Sandra were both excited to hear about the pending new relative - even after Bob told them that it would be living with Corky. Although he promised that the baby could visit.

Even the mention of another baby was enough for Charles - he decided that it was time to head of to college - Académie La Tour had accepted him. Plus he had gathered around $4,000 in scholarships - money which would be doubtless better spent at college than on the new baby.

His decision to leave did not go down well with Craig.

Not long after Charles' departure something else was causing quite a commotion - Craig had last been seen around the loaction of the telescope. Sandra and Susan were both woken by a lot of flashing lights.

None of the family could quite believe that Craig had been abducted - they batted around the possibility that he had gone shopping. It was more likely that he had been abducted seemed to be the general consensus.

They were proved right when, just before dawn, Craig was unceremoniously dumped outside the house. They even managed to see the ship that was responsible. Following Craig's lead they all decided that the abduction was probably a good thing especially since no harm was done.

In fact Craig soon settled back into his routine - breakfast followed by a little beating up of old ladies.

Craig and Michael were always careful to keep up to date on their homework - pretty soon they would be joining Charles at the Académie.

In the land of the adults - Susan and Sandra both had new love interests in their lives. Although both decided that it wouldn't be sensible to settle down again.

As per usual for the Profitt family it was Bob who was involved in the most romantic liasons.

He was even beginning to look the part. However, when on his date with Andrea he had a moment of madness. He decided he wanted to marry her. He regretted that later.

Bob decided that having Andrea around wouldn't be the worst thing. Maybe he could put off getting married for a really long time and instead enjoy other benefits.

Andrea Hogan: Fortune/Chief of Staff/(7/4/1/8/5)/Generation 1/Brought $11,000

One of them was immediately noticeable - with all the extra money Andrea had added the family managed to touch up their house a little.

Bob returned from work the next night to some 'gossip' from his mother. Apparently Andrea was convinced she was pregnant. Bob corrected her by saying that Corky was the pregnant one. As an afterthought he asked his mother not to tell Andrea about that.

However pretty soon there was proof even Bob couldn't deny.

Also this week...

I think I covered most things actually. Andrea came with a pretty good job in the military career. The whole house (and neighbourhood) is on a cheesecake ban.

Sandra and Susan both reached the top of their elder careers.

Points this round: 1 (Andrea)

Family Networth: $34,031 (+18,826)

Round 2

Playing order (same as round one)

1) Profitts
2) Rosadas
3) Potts
4) Busto
5) Yessam
6) Roma
7) Corcoran
8) Schurzenjager
9) Norwood
10) Jenkins
11) Kirkendall
12) Upton
13) Cooprider

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Next Week
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30 April 2006

Round One Scores

It is a case of Score? What Score? for this week. My achievement of the week is not losing points.

Total Sims: 52 52 Points

Total Networth: $223,348 3 Points

Impossible Wants: None

Platinum Graves: None

Top Influence: None

Top of Career: None

Uni Points: None

Negative Points: None

Total Score = 55 Points

Family 13: The Coopriders

The last of the Fellowships families;

Layce Cooprider: Knowledge/Mad Scientist/(4/10/4/4/3)/Leo/CAS Elder

Siba Cooprider: Fortune/Criminal Mastermind/(2/8/2/6/7)/Libra/CAS Elder

Celeste Cooprider: Family/Captain Hero/(2/8/2/6/7)/Libra/CAS Adult

Risto Cooprider: Fortune/Chief of Staff/(4/10/4/4/3)/Leo/CAS Teen

Michaell Cooprider: Grow Up/(None)/(9/8/1/0/7)/Aries/CAS Child

Kricket Cooprider: Grow Up/(None)/(2/2/7/7/7) Sagitarius/CAS Toddler

The welcome wagon wastes no time in introducing the Cooprider's to the cookery channel. I'm beginning to suspect a conspiracy from the local firestation

Then came the inevitable Myshuno game - this is becoming very odd.

However it was a great way to meet people. Celeste had been telling Jenn Yessam about her dream of being Captain Hero - and Jenn was nice enough to recommend her for her old security guard job when she went on maternity leave.

Michaell was always wondering about random things. But mainly she was trying to stay out of everyone's way - I mean how much red hands could one person (namely Siba) play?

Risto had had enough of living with five women - he rang Donatella and told her he would be round in five minutes.

Risto went to the local park to take Donatella on a date - the twins had been irritating her as much as his family had annoyed him.

There was one thing to do before he met up with her though...

Back at the house, Grandma Layce was pleased when Kricket grew into a child. No more sleepless nights could only be a good thing. Although, knowing Celest she might decide another child would be a good idea.

The next morning - Kricket was starting school. She was really excited to finallt be able to go on the bus with her big brother and sister. Both of whom thought it was irritating when Kricket tried to sit with them. Risto gave in though - when he saw that Donatella thought he was being mean to her.

Celeste also started her new job as a desk sergeant. Finally she was in a proper uniform.

Layce, however, was missing Marshall - and decided to see what he was doing via the telescope.

Marshall was not impressed and managed to thoroughly irritate his fiancée when he suggested that next time she use a phone.

One quick apology later and Layce was back in Marshall's good book.

Although Celeste was happy with her new job - she knew she would have to work out more to get anywhere. The results soon started to show after her first weekend off.

Unfortunately her cooking skills were not as developed. She nearly gave Risto a heart attack when he was on his way to stargaze.

Kricket remained utterly oblivious - although she was wondering why her mum hadn't called her for dinner yet. She decided it didn't matter and instead she could be a 'starving artist' - better than an artist eating burnt spaghetti.

Michaell had reached that point in her life were she was ready to start thinking about more important things. As she blew out the candles dreams of her future flashed through her mind.

And she saw money.

Michaell Cooprider: Fortune/Criminal Mastermind

Also this week...

I finished round one!

Siba became one of those Sims who avoids every photograph...

Points this week: Sims - 6/Other 0

Family Networth: $14,942