30 April 2006

Family 12: The Uptons

The Uptons are;

Marshall Upton: Fortune/Business Tycoon/(5/8/6/3/3)/Aries/CAS Elder

Miles Upton: Family/Captain Hero/(4/10/4/4/3)/Leo/CAS Teen

After their arrival into the Fellowship both Marshall and Miles thre themselves into the busy social life now surrounding them.

Miles went out for the night with Esmond Kirkendall

Whereas Marshall decided a neighbourhood wide trip downtown would be a good idea. Although when he saw his old crush Corky (as well as a couple of the more married residents) falling over themselves to be near Bob Profitt he turned mean.

Although accusing Aquamarine Rosada of being an alien was a little harsh.

After the meeting didn't go as well as he hoped Marshall returned home. Only to find Layce Cooprider waiting for him. She had missed the taxi for the meeting and wanted to find out all the gossip.

He told her there was no gossip - but she came in anyway. Soon all problems with old Crushes were forgotten - he was falling in love with Layce.

Seeing as neither of them were getting any younger - they didn't have that many aspiration points - the next thing to do was...

...get engaged. Although both of them agreed the wedding could wait until their grandchildren were more grown up.

Marshall thought Miles was getting very grown up. He seemed to have developed a crush on Esmond Kirkendall.

Not that Esmond seemed to mind. He had ideas of his own.

Life around the Upton household continued in realtive peace and quiet - relative as Marshall had bought a bass guitar for his grandson. Although it was through his use of the telescope that Miles got into trouble... with one of his future relatives - Celeste Cooprider.

Marshall felt it best that He stayed out of Miles' business. He didn't want to make a terrible first impression on his future daughter-in-law.

Also this week;

The standard going to school...

Both have jobs and I think they're both at the top of their careers.

Points this week: Sims 2/Other - 0

Family Networth: $15,624


At 4:52 PM, Blogger ASimWen said...

Miles and Esmond! Who woulda thunk it??? LOLOL

At 1:23 AM, Blogger QueenofSimtopia said...

I never would have guessed that Miles and Esmond would become a couple!

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Bubbs said...

ok - Layce/Marshall - Yeah great couple!

Miles/Esmond? Wow- never saw that one.

Great job!


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