05 May 2006

Family 2: The Rosadas

Aquamarine and Amethyst had never been happier than they were when it was the time for the triplets' birthdays.

Finally all three were old enough to look after themselves. Which as far as the two oldest Rosadas were concerned meant only one thing - time for university.

Amethyst and Aquamarine both rang as soon as possible to ensure they would make it into the current year's intake. Both were accepted immediately, as well as acceptance both were given $2,500 in scholarships due to their excellent grades and their unfortunate home situation.

Ariana: Fortune/Hall of Famer

Brigid: Fortune/Business Tycoon

Danielle: Pleasure/Celebrity Chef

When the left the house they also left the triplets' surprise birthday cake... it was a surprise, but not in the intended way.

With Amethyst gone the house had lost its only source of income had vanished. None of the girls particularly wanted to get a job but an alternative was needed and fast.

The first thing they tried was painting. While Brigid's work showed promise none of the paintings sold for much and the less said about Ariana and Danielle's works the better.

One night Ariana, ever the entrepreneur, decided to host a small poker tournament. The house of course would keep a cut - and it would be a great way to meet the neighbours at the same time.

None of the sisters could quite believe it when their little poker tournament earned them $500 in one night. After that it was bound to become a regular thing.

However the next tournament caught the eye of the local police - not exactly what Ariana had hoped for. A knight in shining armour came to her rescue though in the form of Michael Profitt. He explained the situation and miraculously the policeman left. Ariana had developed a little crush on her neighbour by the end of his speech though.

The money made from the tournament was put to good use immediately. All the girls went to the local salons for makeovers and a haircut. They were very pleased with the results...

Brigid and Ariana (still continuing with the painting)

and Danielle...

The next tournament was set to spruce up their rooms - provided that Aquamarine and Amethyst didn't spoil their fun first. After all they weren't sleeping in the beds so selling them wasn't that bad a thing right?

Also this week...

Not a lot actually - all three teens are on A+ grades gradually building skills (maybe for scholarships - I can't remeber how far they've got)

Points this round: None

Family networth: $19,476 (+7886)


At 11:53 PM, Blogger QueenofSimtopia said...

The girls look gorgeous!

At 12:35 PM, Blogger ASimWen said...

WooHoo! Simmies makin' money with a poker table! I am all for that!


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