03 May 2006

Family 1: The Profitts

Last time we saw the Profitts they were just settling in to their new life in the Fellowship. Finally it was beginning to feel like home. The Profitt's first big change since arriving happened - little Craig wasn't so little anymore. He was now a teenager - with all the dreaded implications that had on the family.

Craig Profitt - Knowledge/Criminal Mastermind

Bob was slowly climbing up the career ladder towards his dream of being one of the fellowship's brightest sports stars - soon he had made it as far as MVP. Something which had taken an uncharacteristic amount of work from Bob.

Bob should have known better than to expect a quiet workout - that is without Celeste Cooprider to complain about one of the boys using the telescope in an 'inappropriate' manner (not that Bob saw what was inappropriate - she was worth spying on) or a nice kitchen fire...

On top of all that something odd had happened to Craig - Susan assured her son it was just a phase. Bob didn't think that a phase was any reason to walk around looking silly.

Charles was a little harsh on his younger brother though - constantly giving him noogies...

... and then calling him an emo. Whatever that was - Bob wished that his kids could learn English. Apparently, well according to Charles at least, Craig's crying proved that he was an emo.

Bob knew that he was getting a lot older when it was time for Michael to start high school.

Michael Profitt Popularity/Hall of Famer

Life continued as normal - Bob chatted up anyone and everyone who passed by his house. Three teenagers in the house meant that no one ever got to use the bathroom. Sandra quit her military job for the more sedate job as a school crossing guard.

Bob was about to get a bit of a surprise though - Corky rang up and said she had a surprise for him... He was expecting WooHoo. Turns out she was also expecting in a completely different way. Bob had to test that it was real...

Susan and Sandra were both excited to hear about the pending new relative - even after Bob told them that it would be living with Corky. Although he promised that the baby could visit.

Even the mention of another baby was enough for Charles - he decided that it was time to head of to college - Académie La Tour had accepted him. Plus he had gathered around $4,000 in scholarships - money which would be doubtless better spent at college than on the new baby.

His decision to leave did not go down well with Craig.

Not long after Charles' departure something else was causing quite a commotion - Craig had last been seen around the loaction of the telescope. Sandra and Susan were both woken by a lot of flashing lights.

None of the family could quite believe that Craig had been abducted - they batted around the possibility that he had gone shopping. It was more likely that he had been abducted seemed to be the general consensus.

They were proved right when, just before dawn, Craig was unceremoniously dumped outside the house. They even managed to see the ship that was responsible. Following Craig's lead they all decided that the abduction was probably a good thing especially since no harm was done.

In fact Craig soon settled back into his routine - breakfast followed by a little beating up of old ladies.

Craig and Michael were always careful to keep up to date on their homework - pretty soon they would be joining Charles at the Académie.

In the land of the adults - Susan and Sandra both had new love interests in their lives. Although both decided that it wouldn't be sensible to settle down again.

As per usual for the Profitt family it was Bob who was involved in the most romantic liasons.

He was even beginning to look the part. However, when on his date with Andrea he had a moment of madness. He decided he wanted to marry her. He regretted that later.

Bob decided that having Andrea around wouldn't be the worst thing. Maybe he could put off getting married for a really long time and instead enjoy other benefits.

Andrea Hogan: Fortune/Chief of Staff/(7/4/1/8/5)/Generation 1/Brought $11,000

One of them was immediately noticeable - with all the extra money Andrea had added the family managed to touch up their house a little.

Bob returned from work the next night to some 'gossip' from his mother. Apparently Andrea was convinced she was pregnant. Bob corrected her by saying that Corky was the pregnant one. As an afterthought he asked his mother not to tell Andrea about that.

However pretty soon there was proof even Bob couldn't deny.

Also this week...

I think I covered most things actually. Andrea came with a pretty good job in the military career. The whole house (and neighbourhood) is on a cheesecake ban.

Sandra and Susan both reached the top of their elder careers.

Points this round: 1 (Andrea)

Family Networth: $34,031 (+18,826)


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"In fact Craig soon settled back into his routine - breakfast followed by a little beating up of old ladies."


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